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Program: Shasta County HHSA - CalWORKs Employment Services


Alternate name: Welfare-to-Work, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, TANF

Please note: The Enterprise Regional Office and CalWORKs Office on California St. are temporarily closed to the public. They encourage the public to utilize electronic means to apply for benefits or submit changes. 

Provides temporary cash aid and employment services to low-income families with children, and pregnant women. In order to qualify for cash aid, most able-bodied parents are required to participate in CalWORKs Employment Services (Welfare to Work), which helps them prepare for, find and retain employment. The program offers child care, transportation, financial assistance and other services to help with the transition from welfare to work. Adults can receive up to 48 months of cash aid in their lifetime, with some exceptions.

For those applying for or receiving CalWORKs, several programs are available to help with more challenging circumstances. These include:
  • Family Stabilization (FaSt): Helps families and pregnant women experiencing certain destabilizing crises which may include mental health or substance abuse related needs, lack of safety due to domestic violence or homelessness or risk of homelessness. Provides resources to assist families in overcoming crises so that they are able to participate fully in CalWORKs. This is not a housing assistance program but can assist with housing in some cases. To qualify, one must be enrolled in CalWORKs.
  • CalWORKs Housing Support Program: Helps families and pregnant women experiencing homelessness to secure and maintain housing. If eligible, they are placed on a wait list. When it is their turn, a Housing Social Worker will assist families with locating, securing and maintaining housing. They assist financially with paying rent and utility deposits and assist with short-term Temporary Homeless Assistance (THA) – which pays for a motel for 16 days while the family looks for permanent housing. To qualify, one must be enrolled in CalWORKs and be experiencing homelessness
  • CalWORKs Homeless Assistance program: For families and pregnant women, provides 16 days of THA (or 30 days if fleeing a domestic violence situation). Also offers Permanent Homeless Assistance which includes a Security Deposit and Utility deposit. To qualify, one must be enrolled in or applying for CalWORKs and be experiencing homelessness
  • Cal-Learn: Serves teens ages 18 and younger who are custodial parents or pregnant. Provides bonuses and sanctions, as well as needed supportive services and intensive case management to help teen parents stay in or return to high school and earn a diploma or its equivalent. To qualify, one must be enrolled in CalWORKs.
Benefits are issued using electronic benefit transfer (EBT), similar to an ATM debit card, which is accepted at most grocery stores. Check account balances, transaction history, claim status, and locate retailers and ATMs that accept the EBT card by calling 877-328-9677, or by visiting the website: www.ebt.ca.gov/caebtclient/reciplogin_client.jsp

Please note: One can now manage and access benefits with BenefitsCal.com

Program Phones:
877-652-0731Customer Service Center
530-229-8400HHSA General Line

Website: www.shastahhsa.net

Location information
Anderson Regional Office  
Location: 2889 East Center Street

Anderson, CA 96007

Hours of operation
Program Hours:


Disabilities Access: Wheelchair accessible
Mailing Address: 2889 East Center Street, Redding, CA 96007

Program Delivery
Eligibility: Open to low-income or unemployed parents with dependent children (up to age 18) living with them, pregnant women and teens (in second or third trimester of pregnancy), and low-income caretaker relatives of a foster child who meet income guidelines and property limits
Languages: English
Application Process: Application and face-to-face interview required; Stop by any regional office, call, or apply online at BenefitsCal.com
Payment methods: No fee
Documents Required: Call or visit website for details
Service Area:
Defined coverage area:
CA-Shasta County

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Agency Background


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