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Program: Medical Baseline Program

Agency: Southern California Gas Company

Resource Number: 8636052
Provides a monthly gas bill savings to Southern California Gas Company customers who use certain medical devices due to a medical condition.

Program Phones:
800-342-4545Business Line 1
800-427-0478Business Line 2
800-427-0471 Business Line 4
888-427-1345Business Line 5
For Other Languages
800-427-1429Business Line 6
800-427-2200 ext 4, then 3Business Line

Website: www.socalgas.com/save-money-and-energy/assistance-programs/medical-baseline-allowance

Location information
Sites offering this program
+ Website Services ->
Website Services  
Location: Website Service

, CA
Program Hours:
24 hours, 7 days a week
Disabilities Access: M/A: Website service

Program Delivery
Eligibility: - All ages
- Full time household member
Languages: Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese, English
Application Process: Call for detailed information, or apply online
Payment methods: No fee
Documents Required: Call for detailed information
Service Area:
Defined coverage area:
CA-Orange County

Categorized as:
Discounted Gas Service

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