Baltimore City Health Department, Needle Exchange Program
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Alternate Name Baltimore City Needle Exchange Program, Community Risk Reduction Services
Description 1) NEEDLE EXCHANGE: Operates two mobile health vehicles. Provides free and confidential HIV testing and counseling and syphilis screening. The mobile van offers vaccines for influenza. Individuals can receive counseling about drug treatment programs and education regarding HIV, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases. Also, individuals can exchange used needles for sterile needles on a "as needed" exchange basis. Call for information about the vaccine mobile clinic locations and times. 

2) TREATMENT REFERRALS: Participants who request drug treatment are enrolled in a comprehensive drug treatment program at Bon Secours New Hope Treatment Center, Man Alive, the Reflective Treatment Center, or the University of Maryland, depending on the availability of NEP-designated treatment slots. 

3) STAYING ALIVE PROGRAM: Provides training to individuals on how to recognize an opiate/heroin overdose and respond by calling 911, and administering rescue breathing and the drug Naloxone (also known as Narcan). Also provides referrals to drug abusers for substance abuse treatment and other services.  

SCHEDULE & LOCATIONS: Individuals should go to the nearest location for assistance.

9:30-11:30AM: Monroe & Ramsey
9:30-11:30AM: Park Heights & Spaulding

12:45-3:30PM: Westwood, Fulton & Baker Streets

6-8PM: Baltimore & Conkling (Highlandtown)

8:30-10PM: Freemont & Laurens

9:30-11:30AM: Montford & Biddle and Pratt & Carey

12:45-3:30PM: Freemont & Riggs and Barclay & 23rd

6-8PM: Baltimore & Conkling (Highlandtown)

8:30-10PM: Fremont & Laurens

9:30-11:30AM: Pontiac & 9th Avenue and North & Rosedale

12:45-3:30PM: Monument & Milton

7-10PM: Baltimore & Gay (The Block)
o Staying Alive Program- 2nd Thurs.
o Baltimore Health Care Access- every Thur
o Reproductive Health Care Access- every Thurs. of each month. Services include birth control, emergency contraception, gardasil vaccinations, referrals to prenatal care, referrals to Johns Hopkins Bayview, Center for Addictions & Pregnancy and referrals to full comprehensive exams at one of our BCHD Clinics.

9:30-11:30AM: Park Heights & Spaulding and Greenmount & Preston

12:45-3:30PM: Fulton & Baker and Barclay & 23rd

6-8PM: Montford & Biddle

8:30-10PM: Monroe & Ramsey

Noon-4PM: Fremont & Riggs
Defined coverage areas:
Hours Of Operation See notes.
Eligibility Any IV drug user or HIV+ drug user; CTR services and vaccines are offered to the general public.
Program Fees None.
Application Process Walk-in at closest exchange site. No referral needed for needle exchange.
Documents Required Call for information.
Volunteer Requirements 18 and older.
Volunteer Duties Call and ask for Lisa Parker.
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Contact Information
Fax Number 410-233-3602
Main 410-396-3731
East Van 410-371-2596
West Van 410-371-2547
Main Contact Name Jeffrey Long
Main Contact Title Health Program Administrator
Main Contact Phone 410-365-7404
Main Contact Email Address
Director or Senior Administrator Name Derrick Hunt
Director or Senior Administrator Title Director
Director or Senior Administrator Phone 410-365-2401
Director or Senior Administrator Email Address
Sites offering this Program 3000 Druid Park Drive