National Children's Center, Adult Day Program
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Alternate Name NCC, National Children's Center, Washington DC.
Description ADULT DAY PROGRAM: Offers participants activities focused on communication (including sign language and other alternatives to speech), expressive arts, physical fitness, socialization, adaptive living, and basic academics to help with everyday tasks. Also, offers classes that build life skills such as preparing nutritious meals, maintaining good personal hygiene, and developing social skills. Includes excursions to libraries, restaurants, parks, and other local venues, as well as participation in on-site music and dance activities.  Provides opportunities for participants to volunteer with local businesses and service organizations, with the support of NCC staff. Offers men and women with developmental disabilities career development and employment services. Pre-Vocational and Supported Employment service/career assessments, job training, volunteer work experiences, job development and placements, and job coaching.
Defined coverage areas:
District Of Columbia - Washington
Maryland - Anne Arundel County
Maryland - Baltimore County
Maryland - Montgomery County
Maryland - Prince Georges County
Hours of operation:
Mon: 9AM 4:30PM
Tue: 9AM 4:30PM
Wed: 9AM 4:30PM
Thu: 9AM 4:30PM
Fri: 9AM 4:30PM
Eligibility Adults 18 years and older with multiple and complex disabilities.
Languages Offered Interpreter available.
Program Fees Call for information.
Application Process Call for information or visit website.
Documents Required Call for information.
Volunteer Requirements Adults 18 years and older. Depends on program, may be younger.
Volunteer Duties Varies.
Programs at this agency National Children's Center/Value Village Thrift Stores, Maryland
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National Children's Center, Early Intervention Program
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Contact Information
Main 202-722-2300
Community Day Services 202-722-2364
Main Email Address
Main Contact Name Pania Butcher
Main Contact Title Administrative Assistant
Main Contact Phone 202-722-2300
Main Contact Email Address
Director or Senior Administrator Name Patricia Browne
Director or Senior Administrator Title President and CEO
Director or Senior Administrator Phone 202-722-2300
Director or Senior Administrator Email Address
Sites offering this Program 410 University Boulevard West