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Program: California Department of Public Health - myturn.ca.gov

Agency: California Department of Public Health

Resource Number: 71258899
Alternate name: My Turn, myturn

Offers free COVID-19 vaccine appointments. Vaccinations are available regardless of immigration status or insurance coverage.

Click here for more information on COVID-19 vaccines.

Program Phones:
CA COVID-19 Hotline

Website: myturn.ca.gov/

Location information
Sites offering this program
+ myturn.ca.gov ->
Location: No physical address.
Program Hours:
Seven days a week, 24-hours
Description: Not applicable.
Disabilities Access: Not applicable.
Mailing Address: No mailing address.
Service Area:

Program Delivery
Eligibility: Anyone in Sacramento County aged 6 months old and older. Vaccinations are free and available regardless of immigration status or insurance coverage.

Pfizer and Moderna eligibility: 6 months and older. Consent from parents or legal guardians required for anyone 17 years old and younger.

Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) and Novavax eligibility: 18 years old and older.

Booster shot eligibility:
-Everyone 5 years-old and older.
-If you got a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, get a booster shot after 5 months
-If you got a Johnson & Johnson vaccine, get a booster shot after 2 months
-Your booster shot can be a different vaccine brand than you got in your original series.

Second booster shot eligibility:
-Everyone over 50
-Those 12 years-old or older who are immune-compromised
-Those who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
-You must have gotten your first booster dose at least 4 months ago.

Additional doses:
Additional doses of Pfizer or Moderna are available for those with compromised immunity. Talk to your doctor to see if getting an additional dose is right for you.
Languages: Spanish, English
Application Process: Website. Those without an email address or mobile phone, call the CA COVID-19 Hotline for assistance.
Payment methods:
Program Fees: No fee.
Documents Required: Patients under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or authorized representative. Patients under 18 must have the consent of a parent or guardian to receive the vaccine. Please bring health insurance card, if applicable. (The pharmacy will not charge the client. The pharmacy will charge the health insurance provider or government if the client is without health insurance.) For each additional dose after the first, bring your COVID-19 Vaccine Record (paper or digital copy). To obtain a digital copy of your vaccine record, visit myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov.
Service Area:
Defined coverage area:
CA -Statewide


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