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Program: California Department of Public Health - WIC Fraud & Abuse Reporting

Agency: California Department of Public Health

Resource Number: 80436040
Handle inquiries regarding WIC complaints, fraud, and abuse reporting. WIC works to ensure that allegations of fraud and abuse are investigated.

Examples of fraud and abuse may include:

WIC Participants who:
  • Sell or give away formula or foods purchased with WIC food benefits (including selling formula and/or food online).
  • Falsify information when applying for WIC
  • Buy unauthorized foods with WIC food benefits
  • Trade WIC food benefits for other items or cash
  • Alter WIC food benefits
Vendors who:
  • Redeem WIC food benefits for cash, credit, or unauthorized foods/items
  • Overcharge for WIC foods
  • Purchase infant formula from unauthorized sources
WIC Report Form

Program Phones:
WIC Automated Information Line
WIC Information Line
No phone access - online only
Complaint, Fraud, Abuse Reporting

Website: www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CFH/DWICSN/Pages/ReportWICFraud.aspx
Email: WICABUSE@cdph.ca.gov

Location information
Sites offering this program
+ WIC Fraud & Abuse Reporting ->
WIC Fraud & Abuse Reporting  
Location: No physical address.
Program Hours:
Seven days a week, 24-hours
Description: Not applicable.
Disabilities Access: Not applicable.
Mailing Address: CDPH/WIC Division Program Integrity Unit, 3901 Lennane Drive, Sacramento, CA 95834
Service Area:

Program Delivery
Eligibility: Open. Anyone suspecting WIC fraud, waste, or abuse.
Languages: Translation services are available for multiple languages. American Sign Language Interpreter available on request, English
Application Process: Email, submit an online form, or write to report fraud and/or abuse. Individuals making complaints may remain anonymous. For information about WIC's program and other inquiries please contact the information line.
Payment methods:
Program Fees: No fee.
Documents Required: No information has been provided by Agency.
Service Area:
Defined coverage area:
CA -Statewide


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