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Program: Alternative Sentencing Program

Agency: Inland Southern California 211+

Alternate name: Juvenile Anger Management, monitoring, offender, parole ordered, probation ordered, sexual deviance, interlock, Vehicle Interlock Program, Teen Education Options Program, victim impact panel, TEMPO, boating DUI, under the influence, hospital and morgue mentoring, ASP, child batterer's classes, court referred, driving under the influence, drunk driver, drunk drivers, DUI, Electronic Monitoring-Home Detention, HAMM, home detention

Community Based Sanctioned Programs:
• Certifying agency for Anger Management providers in Riverside County.
• Provides placement for people assigned Community Service hours by Courts/Probation/Parole/Schools/Providers.
• Cal-Works, work experience while not employed or employed less then 32 hours.
• Basic Life Skills-employment training and alternative education towards self-sufficiency component.
• Monitoring of Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Sexual Deviants, Parenting and Child Batterer's classes for the judicial system in Riverside County and throughout the United States.
• Administers court ordered Vehicle Ignition Interlock Program for those convicted of driving while impaired.
• Road Rage, Stranger Violence, Neighbor Dispute and Juvenile Anger Management classes assigned and monitored.
• VESP (Vessel Education Safety Program)- Boating DUI .
• VIP (Victim Impact Panel)-MADD. All age groups.
• HAMM (Hospital and Morgue Mentoring Program). Ages 20-Up.
• TEMPO (Teen Education Mentoring Program Option). Ages 13-19.

Program Phones:
951-329-4731Text line
951-329-4709Business Line

Website: www.connectriverside.org/asp-online-form/

Location information
Sites offering this program
+ Inland SoCal 211+ - Ontario ->
Inland SoCal 211+ - Ontario  
Location: 1511 South Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, CA 91761
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Hours of operation
Program Hours:


Disabilities Access: Accessible parking, wheelchair ramp
Mailing Address: 1511 South Vineyard Avenue, Ontario, CA 91761

Program Delivery
Eligibility: All age groups; must be assigned by court order, probation/parole departments, DPSS or self referral.
Languages: Spanish, English
Application Process: Appointment required
Walk-ins accepted
Payment methods: Fees vary
Documents Required: No information has been provided by agency
Service Area:
Defined coverage area:
CA-Riverside County

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