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Program: Child Care Assistance

Agency: Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department

Resource Number: 36898871
Alternate name: At Home Infant Child Care Program; AHIC; At-Home Infant Child Care Program

The Child Care Assistance program helps families pay for child care so parents can work, look for a job or attend school. Parents must meet specific criteria with each activity for child care to be approved. Parents must comply with child support enforcement for all children in the family. Family income must meet income entry limits at application to qualify for the program. Parents pay a portion of the cost based on income and family size. The program is available for children younger than 13 and for special needs children younger than 15. Child care programs that help pay child care costs:

- MFIP and Diversionary Work Program (DWP) Child Care is for families who receive MFIP or DWP benefits. Parents work with Employment Counselors to develop a plan for child care while they work, look for work or attend school. Contact your Employment Counselor for child care.

- Transition Year Child Care is for families who received MFIP or DWP for at least 3 of the last 6 months. Program is available for up to 12 months from MFIP or DWP closing so parents can work or look for work. School and training programs are not approved activities for this program.

- Basic Sliding Fee Child Care (BSF) is for families who need help paying child care costs while parents work, look for work or attend school. Funds are limited for this program so there may be a waiting list.

Program Phones:

Website: www.hennepin.us/residents/human-services/child-care-assistance
Email: socialservices@hennepin.us

Location information
Health Services Building - Human Services Center Site  
Location: 525 Portland Avenue South, Health Services Building

Minneapolis 55415

Site Phones:
(844)803-8466Toll free

Hours of operation
Site Hours:

8 am
4:30 pm
8 am
4:30 pm
8 am
4:30 pm
8 am
4:30 pm
8 am
4:30 pm

Disabilities Access: Accessible main entrance; designated handicapped parking; policy for provision of accessible service; accessible public restroom
Mailing Address: 525 Portland Avenue South, Health Services Building, Minneapolis, MN 55415

Program Delivery
Eligibility: - Serves residents of Hennepin County; parent/guardian must meet income guidelines, must cooperate with child support enforcement and must meet work, education, or job search criteria

- MFIP/DWP families work with an employment counselor to develop an employment plan
Languages: Interpreters available
Application Process: - Call; apply in-person at any one of the Human Services Center locations

- Visit website/apply online at ApplyMN which is a secure web application; https://applymn.dhs.mn.gov/online-app-web/spring/public/process-login?execution=e1s1

- Note: The agency processing time frames are the same if application is online, in-person or by mail
Program Fees: Parent pays a bi-weekly co-pay to child care provider based on income and family size

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Accreditations: Does not apply
Funding: Federal; state; county; fees

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