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Program: Financial Assistance - Veteran/Military and Their Families

Agency: Coronavirus 2020 - 2021

Resource Number: 67470917
State of Minnesota - COVID-19 Special Needs Grants for Veterans
Overview Document/Guidelines
Veterans who either lost or are unable to go to work are eligible for the one-time COVID-19 disaster relief grant. The amount applies for veterans with spouses who are in a similar position with their jobs. 
How to apply
An eligible applicant must apply for the COVID-19 Special Needs Grant through their County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO). You can find your CVSO by going to the Minnesota Association of County Veterans Service Officers website.
If your County Veterans Service Office is unable to assist you during this State of Emergency please contact MDVA’s Field Operations Team who can assist you with your application by contacting FO.MDVA@state.mn.us.
If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 Special Needs Grant please contact your County Veterans Service Officer, or LinkVet at 1-888-Link-Vet.

COVID-19 Distance Learning Support Grant
The purpose of the COVID-19 K-12 Distance Learning Support Grant is to mitigate the negative financial impact a family experiences by implementing their school district’s distance learning or hybrid learning plans by providing a one-time grant in the amount of $3,000.

Applicants for the COVID-19 K-12 Distance Learning Support Grant must demonstrate a negative financial impact on or after August 1, 2020. A closing date for the K-12 Distance Learning Support Grant will depend on the availability of funding, but not later than June 30, 2021. Visit the Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs website for additional eligibility criteria.

PenFed Foundation Military Heros Fund: COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Program:
  • Eligibility: Financial assistance to all Veterans, Active Duty, Reserves and National Guard who are experiencing a financial setback due to the negative economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The Foundation is prioritizing assistance to those who have lost their primary/only income or have an increased financial burden
  • The grant amount will support 1 month of payment up to $1500 in the following areas:
    • Rent
    • Mortgage
    • Auto Loan/Lease
    • Utilities (Electric, Water, Heat)
  • All checks will be sent directly to the creditor or landlord after the grant is approved. The Foundation can only support one emergency financial request per household.
  • Documents required:
    • DD214 or LES
    • A bill or statement for the requested expense
    • An explanation of how the financial setback is related to the COVID-19 pandemic (for example, loss of job due to quarantine and/or public health policies)
    • Click here to apply
  • Air Warrior Courage Foundation – The Foundation work closely with Red River Valley Fight Pilots Association in Virginia. They serve active duty, guard, reserve, retired military personnel and their families with financial assistance for medical, educational, other extraordinary expenses not covered by current military support systems.  https://www.airwarriorcourage.com
  • Army Emergency Relief – Emergency financial assistance organization and dedication to “Helping the Army take care of its Own.” Help with emergency travel, rent or mortgage, appliance maintenance, minor home repairs, food purchases, health care expenses, utilities, initial rent and deposit. https://www.armyemergencyrelief.org
  • Code of Support – Dedicated to leveraging the nation’s full spectrum of resources to ensure all members of our military, veterans and their families receive the support they need and have earned. https://www.codeofsupport.org/
  • Disabled American Veterans – Provides grants to service-connected disabled veterans who have lost employment as a direct result of the coronavirus. This includes veterans that are self-employed as contractors or small business owners. Approved applicants will receive a $250 grant. Visit website for additional information.
  • DoD Hardship Duty Pay – the Department created a new pay authority called “Hardship Duty Pay – Restriction of Movement”, or HDP-ROM, that allows Services to pay up to an additional $1500/month (prorated per day) for members and their families who are impacted during PCS or have to acquire temporary lodging that goes beyond normal TLE limit (which is 14 days) because of COVID-19. Read the memo here.
  • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society – They aim to provide financial, educational, and other assistance to military members, their families, and survivors in need. They use financial and non-financial resources to identify solutions to meet emerging needs and are committed to using their funds responsibly to help the most people.  https://www.nmcrs.org
  • Operation Home Front – their programs offer relief by providing critical financial assistance and transitional housing programs, resiliency through permanent housing and caregiver support, and recurring family support to help military families overcome the short-term “bumps in the roads” so they don’t become long-term chronic problems.  https://www.operationhomefront.org
  • Semper Fi Fund – Provides direct financial assistance and vital programming for combat wounded, critically ill and catastrophically injured service members and their families during hospitalization and recovery.  https://semperfifund.org
  • USA Cares – Provides financial and advocacy assistance to post-9/11 active duty US military service personnel, veterans and their families. https://usacares.org/
  • Vets4Warrior – provides sustained, confidential peer support to any veteran, service member, family member, or caregiver whenever they have an issue, wherever they are in the world. They help before challengers turn into crises. https://www.vets4warriors.com
  • Wounded Warrior Project – Support services for wounded warriors https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/programs
  • Yellow Ribbon Fund – Dedicated to helping caregivers of wounded warriors. https://yellowribbonfund.org/
  • Yellow Ribbon Network – A tool Heroes can use to simplify their search for support when it’s needed, connecting one request with multiple non-profits positioned to help. Membership is free. https://www.yellowribbonnetwork.org/who-are-heroes

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