Garrett County Health Department, Environmental Health
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Alternate Name Garrett County Health Department, Food Services Program
Description OVERVIEW:Works to educate the public and to enforce laws and regulations and issue permits in the areas of drinking water supplies, sewage disposal, food protection, air quality, recreational facilities, public health nuisances, and rabies prevention.

1) COMMUNITY and NON-COMMUNITY WATER: Provides well permits for new wells and septic systems. Also inspects wells and septic systems to ensure they function properly and does bacteria testing on existing wells within the county. Issues permits, test and monitors water used by local businesses, restaurants,swimming pools, bathing beaches and such to assure they are in line with regulations.

2) COMMUNITY HYGIENE PROGRAM: Primarily responsible for ensuring that reported animal incidents are evaluated for the risk of rabies, complaints received from citizens are investigated and assure children that are adopted or under foster care live in healthy homes.

3) COMMUNITY PERMITS and SERVICES: Owns several mobile home parks within the county and is responsible for upkeep and rentals. Provides camping permits and pricing for various campsites as well as providing permits for outdoor music festivals.

4) RABIES PROGRAM: Educates the public on how to identify and prevent rabies. Clinics offered in the fall and spring for Rabies Vaccinations.Times and dates are posted on website and advertised through fliers and radio.

5) FOOD PROTECTION PROGRAM: Provides information on state regulations. Issues temporary permits for seasonal food vendors and ensures that restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, school cafeterias, temporary and mobile food vendors serve safe food.

6) OPEN AIR PROGRAM: Permits provided to residents free of charge for burning and clearing brush piles. For commercial burning/clearing call for fee.

7) WELL and SEPTIC PROGRAM: Ensures that all drinking water wells and septic systems installed as part of new construction or renovations are built to function properly and prevent the spread of disease.

8) ON-SITE SEWAGE DISPOSAL: Homeowners who do not have a public sewer system acquire services to set-up and maintain an on-site sewage disposal. Department works with installer to satisfy county regulations.

9) HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE: Sets up hazardous waste pickup once a year. Health Department has limited involvement but can provide information.
Defined coverage areas:
Maryland - Garrett County
Physical Address 1025 Memorial Drive
Oakland MD
21550 United States
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Hours of operation:
Mon: 8AM 5PM
Tue: 8AM 5PM
Wed: 8AM 5PM
Thu: 8AM 5PM
Fri: 8AM 5PM
Mon: 8AM 5PM
Tue: 8AM 5PM
Wed: 8AM 5PM
Thu: 8AM 5PM
Fri: 8AM 5PM
Mon: 8AM 5PM
Tue: 8AM 5PM
Wed: 8AM 5PM
Thu: 8AM 5PM
Fri: 8AM 5PM
Eligibility Open to the public.
Languages Offered Accommodations possible.
Program Fees Depends upon services needed.
Documents Required Call for details.
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Contact Information
Mailing Address 1025 Memorial Drive
Oakland MD
21550 United States
Fax Number 301-334-7769
Main 301-334-7760
Garrett County Health Department 301-334-7777
Main Email Address
Main Contact Name Kris Dewitt
Main Contact Title Administative Secretary
Main Contact Phone 301-334-7760
Main Contact Email Address
Director or Senior Administrator Name Steve Sherrard
Director or Senior Administrator Title Director of Environmental Health
Director or Senior Administrator Phone 301-334-7760
Director or Senior Administrator Email Address
Sites offering this Program 1025 Memorial Drive