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Program: 23rd Judical District Victims Assistance Program
Agency: 23rd Judicial District
Victim’s Assistance To protect the rights and dignity of all victims of violent crime the Tri-Parish ... ...
P.O. Box 750
Donaldsonville LA 70346 United States
Agency: ADAPT inc
A non-profit organization offering personal and pre-employment drug screens, individual or group cou ...
216 Memphis St.
Bougalusa LA 70427 United States
Program: Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)
Agency: 13th Judicial District
The program has two basic parts. First, the ACP provides victims, who have moved to a new location u ... ...
Baton Rouge LA 70821 United States
Agency: Alpha Daughters of Zion
The organization’s main objective is to equip and empower the survivor with the necessary tools so t ...
13201 River Road
Luling LA 70070 United States
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