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Program: Workit Health
Agency: Workit Health
Provides medication for opiod addiction via telehealth after initial in-person visit, online drug te ...
2001 F Street
Bakersfield CA 93301 United States
Program: Kern County AA
Agency: Kern County AA
Provides information and assistance to persons with alcohol-related problems.
1234 Chester Ave
Bakersfield CA 93301 United States
Phone: 661-322-4025
Program: Kern Lifeline Substance Abuse Treatment Program
Agency: Clinica Sierra Vista Incorporated
Program provides a 16 week outpatient alcohol and drug treatment course. Groups meets three to ...
2000 Phsyicians Blvd
Bakersfield CA 93301 United States
Phone: 661 324-3262
Program: Unity Center of Bakersfield
Agency: Unity Center of Bakersfield
Provides marriage ceremonies for all couples, hospital visits, funerals and spiritual teaching. Also ...
2001 Truxtun Avenue
Bakersfield CA 93301 United States
Phone: 661-332-4025
Program: Groups Recover Together
Agency: Groups Recover Together
Provides effective, affordable and convenient treatment to recover from opiate use. Provides group t ...
3550 Q Street, Suite 101
Bakersfield CA 93301 United States
Phone: 661-418-2864
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