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Program: Jesus Shack
Agency: Jesus Shack
Provides spiritual guidance and outreach center for teens.  Accepts donations for food or cloth ...
P.O. Box 81676
Bakersfield CA 93380 United States
Phone: 661-565-5905
Program: Bakersfield Homeless Center
Agency: Bakersfield Homeless Center
Provides emergency shelter (60 day program). Basic services include: beds, lockers, showers, laundry ...
1600 East Truxtun Avenue
Bakersfield CA 93305 United States
Program: Discovery Shop, American Cancer Society, Bakersfield Unit
Agency: American Cancer Society
Provides cancer education, advocacy, referral information and a resale shop which off ...
5420 California Avenue
Bakersfield CA 93309 United States
Phone: 661-324-1359
Program: Goodwill Warehouse Industries
Agency: Goodwill Industries Of South Central California
Provides a main distribution site and a donation drop off zone for other Goodwill stores.
4901 Stine Road
Bakersfield CA 93313 United States
Phone: 661-837-0595
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