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Program: Kern Adult Literacy Council
Agency: Kern Adult Literacy Council
Provides literacy instruction, English as a second language classes, tutoring to all adults who woul ...
331 18th Street
Bakersfield CA 93301 United States
Phone: 661-324-3213
Program: East Bakersfield Community/Family Resource Center
Agency: Boys and Girls Club of Bakersfield
Provides the ESL (English as a Second Language) program for parents while children at ...
801 Niles Street
Bakersfield CA 93305 United States
Phone: 661-631-5895
Program: Even Start Family Start Family Literacy
Agency: Bakersfield City School District
Provides parent and child education to combat illiteracy.
1530 East 19th Street
Bakersfield CA 93305 United States
Phone: 661-631-4600
Agency: Owens Valley Career Development Center
Program assists eligible Native American families with resource and referral information for th ...
1001 Tower Way
Bakersfield CA 93309 United States
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