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Program: Bakersfield American Indian Health Project
Agency: Bakersfield American Indian Health Project
Provides assistance for Native Americans: health care, case management referrals, medical, dental, v ...
1617 30th Street
Bakersfield CA 93301 United States
Program: Old Town Kern Family Health Center
Agency: Clinica Sierra Vista Incorporated
Program provides substance abuse and mental health services. ...
234 Baker Street
Bakersfield CA 93305 United States
Phone: 661-322-7580
Program: National Alliance on Mental Illness Kern County
Agency: National Alliance on Mental Illness Kern County
Program provides education, support groups, and advocacy to individuals and families affected b ...
P.O. Box 9144
Bakersfield CA 93389 United States
Phone: 800-991-5272
Program: Psychiatric Wellness Center
Agency: Psychiatric Wellness Center
Offers inpatient and outpatient mental health services.
6313 Schirra Court
Bakersfield CA 93313 United States
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