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Program: American Cancer Society
Agency: American Cancer Society
Provides cancer literature to the community and referrals to local smoking cessation programs. Also ...
1831 Truxtun Ave
Bakersfield CA 93304 United States
Phone: 661-327-2424
Program: American Lung Association in California
Agency: American Lung Association in California
Provides information and services that include: free spacers, tobacco cessation programs, peak flow ...
2025 Westwind Dr
Bakersfield CA 93301 United States
Phone: 661-282-3306
Program: Tobacco Education Program
Agency: Kern County Department of Public Health
Provides brochures, educational materials, tobacco presentations in community settings, videos and&n ... ...
1800 Mount Vernon Avenue
Bakersfield CA 93306 United States
Phone: 661-321-3000
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